Root canal treatment

Dental clinic b’uteeth will carry out prevention, which will help you to prevent diseases and enjoy life without toothache.

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«You cannot cure that which you cannot see.»

Garry B. Carr

As part of the therapeutic treatment, our specialists provide a number of services:

  • caries removal, treatment and prevention;
  • treatment and prevention of tooth pulpitis;
  • diagnosis and treatment of periodontitis;
  • treatment and filling of tooth canals;
  • deep fluoridation of the enamel of the teeth;
  • cleaning of Tartar, removal of plaque.

Do not forget to visit the dentist regularly for preventive purposes, in order to eliminate the problem at the first stages, because with age a broken tooth and improper care can be restored only with the help of expensive procedures.

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Take the habit of visiting a dental clinic every six months – and you will forever forget about what a toothache. As with any other good private dentistry, all procedures in the clinic b’uteeth absolutely painless. The use of modern technologies and high-quality painkillers will allow you to feel comfortable during the procedure, and after it you can easily do your job without feeling the side effects and consequences. Timely preventive dentistry will save you from annoying toothache. Our teeth are an important “tool” that forms proper speech and promotes normal digestion. Take care of your health and do not forget about the appearance of your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry clinic B uteeth includes:

  • art restoration with the restoration
  • natural shape of the tooth;
  • traditional and laser whitening;
  • veneers lining;
  • decoration of the teeth.

Want to have beautiful and healthy teeth? Then welcome to our dental clinic b’uteeth, located in Odessa. We will prove to You that modern dentistry makes dental treatment absolutely painless. In our work we use only modern imported high-quality materials and advanced technologies. To book an appointment or consultation, you can pre-typing one of the working rooms: +38 0482 359-360; +38 063 7-359-360.

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