Periodontitis is a rather insidious disease, which is expressed in the inflammatory process of the root of the tooth, as well as the soft tissues located close to it.

Unfortunately, periodontitis is not only insidious, but also a common disease among patients of different ages. Why is it so insidious? First of all, if you do not stop the inflammatory process in time, you can lose a tooth altogether.

Also, the insidiousness of periodontitis lies in the fact that this disease has the ability to mimicry – it can take completely different forms and disguise itself under other diseases.

So how to recognize periodontitis in time? What symptoms precede it?


Periodontitis – what is it?

Our teeth are very often exposed not only to external stimuli, but also internal. Some diseases of the teeth are visible to the naked eye, and some are very difficult to recognize. In any case, if you for a long time tormented by toothache or inflamed gums – in any case, do not postpone the trip to the dentist. After all, only a professional will be able to establish you a correct diagnosis.

Periodontitis is an inflammation of dental nerves and oculocardiac tissue is most often caused by:

  • running caries that starts to literally progress;
  • injuries to teeth or jaw;
  • the General intoxication of the organism.

Symptoms of periodontitis

You may develop periodontitis if you notice the following symptoms:

  • a significant change in the color of the gums – they become maroon, as if they are constantly pouring too much blood;
  • the increase in size of the gums;
  • gum, cheek and lip “out of the blue” begin to swell, which causes some difficulties in communication, as well as during eating.

“Run” periodontitis certainly not worth it. Treatment of periodontitis is a complex of procedures which are intended to prescribe by a doctor.

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